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Trial By Fire (Carina Nebula)

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Trial By Fire (Carina Nebula)

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Behind The Image

This image was a trial by fire, and the perserverence resulted in my first sucessful leap into deep space imaging. I had spent every night for weeks prior, struggling with gear and grapling to understand how to capture an image of a faint gas cloud, thousand's of light years away. The lessons I learnt from this image reinforced in me that this form of photography was not only exceptionally challenging, but staggeringly rewarding too.

The Carina Nebula is a large and complex area of nebulosity that sits around 8,500 light years away from Earth. It's easily recognisable due to it's prominent dark band of gas that blocks part of our view of the internal nebula beyond. This nebula also holds a bright hypergiant star called Eta Carine, which is estimated to have a mass around 150 time greater than our own sun, yet is around 4 million times brighter!

Print & Framing Quality

Timber Shadowbox Frames

The timber mouldings are made from locally sourced, sustainable Tasmanian Oak. The timber is milled, hand sanded and painted. All frames are the shadowbox style, where the work is set back from the 3mm museum grade plexiglass for a very modern gallery look.

The 3mm Plexiglas used is museum grade. It is lighter than glass, helps to protect your work from UV damage and also has the added advantage of being shatter proof.

Fine Art Giclée Printing

Unframed prints are printed on 310gsm 100% Cotton Rag stock using genuine Epson Ultra-chrome Pro inks on the latest Epson P20070 printer. Your giclée print will be dry mounted to an acid free 5 mm foam board using an archival adhesive film.

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Museum grade paper and framing so you can keep it for a lifetime.